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About PORTCoach

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Meaning, difficult situations inspire great solutions, which drove me to create PORTCoach. As a track and field coach I needed to figure out a way to train a group of athlete’s of various skill and fitness levels in a manner the would benefit everyone. Trying to create a cookie cutter approach to training was very inefficient because training times were either too slow for some or too fast for others. Therefore, designing a system that would account for the specific needs of each runner was needed. The system also had to account for the fact that training times were moving targets. As my runners got faster, so should their training times. A system to account for athletes getting faster and adjusting accordingly was important to tracking the athlete’s progression accurately.
Finally, the system needed to incorporate a workout catalog that would allow me to store workouts and classify them based on energy systems and running events. This would provide the opportunity to add variety to the training program by randomizing workouts but still meeting the energy demands of the running event. In short, resolving these issues gave birth to

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PORTCoach advantages


PORTCoach allows coaches to customize energy systems based on their individual training methodology. After you have customized your energy systems the system will automatically calculate training times based on those energy systems.


PORTCoach generates training plans that satisfies the energy demands for each event you are training for. Based on the workouts you input coupled with energy systems and event demands you setup up, PORTCoach streamlines your training regimen for maximun effciency.


As an athlete gets faster so should the training program progress accordingly. PORTCoach can establish yearly, monthly and weekly goals that will help to ensure athletes are progressing appropiately and can be used to inform coaches if training needs to be adjusted.

PORTCoach Mobile Companion?

The mobile companion of PORTCoach allows coach and athletes to take their training plan to the track

Tired of printing up pages after pages of workouts and training times. Tired of having to spend valuable practice time putting the athletes into groups. Well, with the PORTCoach companion app all that goes away. PORTCoach Companion allows coaches to bring training plans on thier mobile phone as well as view pre-configured groups based off times. PORTCoach also comes equipped with a timer that can be preset for groups and individuals.

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